What Comfort Zone?

Posting a little late again sharing my experiences from my week in Sydney, but this semester, even in it’s early stages, has required a lot of personal reflection.

I have continued some fun activities in Sydney, including the chance to take some great (but mostly epic fails) selfies with kangaroos, a night out in Darling Harbour, and some time on local beaches. Although I have greatly enjoyed my time here and every excursion I have been on, what I have enjoyed most about this trip so far has been the opportunities to step outside of my comfort zone and explore new things.


As I mentioned in my last post, living by the motto “no worries” has been a bit difficult and has required for me to get outside of my comfort zone. The above selfie with the kangaroo is super cute and happy right? I absolutely loved meeting the kangaroos, however, little do you know I was hyperventilating before and after this photo due to the overpopulation of birds in the wildlife park I visited (birds are my biggest fear, for those of you who don’t already know). When you go to Australia, people warn you about all of the poisonous animals here, but those are the least of my worries as big beaked and multi-colored birds are everywhere. Now while in that wildlife park, I definitely did not handle my fear of birds well while walking past them or hearing them come near me when trying to eat my lunch, but I made the effort to enjoy the amazing animals that were there, including the kangaroos and koalas. I don’t think my fear of birds will get any better while I am here, but as I am faced with the daily challenge of being near many, I hope I can freak out a little less and direct my attention more towards the beautiful land I am sharing with the birds.

My comfort zone when it comes to food is also pretty limited. Not to fool anyone, I cook pasta and chicken multiple times a week for dinner; I don’t eat elaborate meals nor am I usually willing to try new foods. However, as this is an adventure where I hope to discover new interests and expand my comfort level, trying new foods is part of the deal. While in Sydney, I tried one of Harry’s famous Meat Pies, with mashed peas and gravy on top. While I could not eat the whole thing, it is definitely a solid start to trying new things. 993846_10205122417408238_2646713719638066114_n

Along with these challenges, I continue to go outside my comfort zone of worrying about myself and everyone else and constantly planning what is next and trying to take things as they come and believe that it will all work out. Even in small parts of my day, like making sure to catch the ferry back in time or planning where we will eat dinner tonight, I am trying to use a more relaxed approach.


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