A Shout Out from the Gold Coast

G’day from the Gold Coast! Last Monday we left Sydney and moved in to our apartments on Broad Beach in the Gold Coast. I already adore my roommates and our apartment building is incredible! Our view is mostly of the mountains, but from the side of our balcony you can see the ocean.


Our balcony view! You can see the mountains from all over



Broad Beach- a two minute walk from my apartment.

As this is my first apartment, this is my first time having to cook all of my meals and going food shopping. It has been a bit difficult shopping in a new store with unfamiliar brands and different portion sizes. So far, meals have been relatively simple (lots of pasta, per usual) but as I master our oven and stove I hope to start making better meals.


Our first week on the Gold Coast was Orientation Week, or O-Week, at Bond. I attended some meetings and get togethers and met many other study abroad students from other programs, which has been quite cool! I love hearing how other students are adjusting to this change and what they hope to gain from this experience. Even though many of all are from the States, we all still come from different areas and will be missing different things while we are away. Although many of us will be the majority of winter, some are missing ski competitions, others are missing vacation with their family, or watching their new puppy grow up.


As exciting as it is to be able to pick up and move to a new country for four months, unfortunately you cannot bring everything with you. While sharing our different backgrounds and what we have left behind at home, it is starting to sink in what I am missing, including my mom’s birthday, Easter with my family, and my brother’s last semester of high school. However, sometimes things have a funny way of playing out.


On my second day here, I woke up to a text from my brother exclaiming that he got accepted to one of his top colleges!! Even though I am on the other side of the world with a 15 hour time difference, I was still the first to know this exciting accomplishment. Yes, I’m in Australia, but this has still been one of the coolest things from my entire time being here. Although I tend to see technology as more of a negative as it takes people away from the moment, in instances like these, I am so grateful so have the ability to share these moments with my family, even if it is through a screen.


Although I was not able to be home with my mom on her birthday, I gave her a birthday shout out from the Sydney Opera House.


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