Wait, Where is Winter?

When you go to school in New England, you know that the first day of school is the time of year where your campus is as beautiful as it will be until spring time. On September 1st, UNH is beautiful! The sun sets on the brick buildings just right, the temperature is ideal for outdoor athletes, and walks to the Dairy Bar are perfect. Then January comes, and suddenly your being tucked in your warm bed is the best place to be. On the first day of classes, you approach what your campus looks like now because you know in a few months it will be below freezing and covered with snow.


That’s what I was bracing myself for today as I started classes at Bond University. I cannot get over how gorgeous this campus is! There is a pond right in the heart of campus that makes every angle of the campus photogenic. The weather today was 870 and sunny. I kept thinking to myself while walking to classes “better enjoy this weather, it will be gone in a few weeks.” However, I would then remember that this is actually what the weather will be like for my entire semester!! It will start to cool down a little towards April, but shorts and summer dresses will be my wardrobe the majority of the time I am here. Maybe a year without winter is a little harder than this New England girl thought!


Besides the amazing weather and beautiful campus, I already love my classes!! This semester I will be taking Love Sex and Relationships, Australian History, Intro to Philosophy, and Digital Media and Society. I have only had two of my classes so far, but they have already grabbed my attention and I can’t wait to see what the rest of the semester has in store!


So far my classes mostly have study abroad students, as Bond’s students are mostly study abroad or exchange students. This makes it a little more challenging to meet Australians, but I am hoping to make the extra step to introduce myself and hopefully get involved in some campus clubs and orgs that start this upcoming Friday!


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