“This is Where You Fall, This is When You Get Up”

Hi all! Sorry for the lag in posting, the start of classes has been quite busy!


These last two weeks have been full of amazing adventures and important lessons. To start my first weekend on the Gold Coast, I participated in a surf lesson in Surfers Paradise. I tried surfing once before about seven years ago, and I absolutely hated it. I couldn’t get control of my board to the point that I never even was able to get on to catch a wave!


I went in to this lesson not expecting any better results, but signed up any way and tried to be open to the idea of trying and failing. After all, the ocean is my favorite place, it couldn’t be that bad right? As it turns out, I ended up having a great time! Our lesson was on an extremely windy day with a strong current, which made for a difficult start. However, after becoming familiar with the current and timing of the waves, I was able to catch a few waves! I only got to standing up once, with a few times up to my knees, but as many dropped out through the lesson, I stayed in the water trying to challenge myself as much as possible. Although after two weeks some of my bumps and bruises still haven’t faded, it was so worth it. Surfing is a great experience where you enter the water knowing that most likely you are going to fall or your board is going to fly into you, but you do it anyways, and when you find that right wave, it is an incredible moment. This I believe was a perfect way to start my semester on the Gold Coast: willing to try new things, even with the risk of failure.




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