A Small Yet Ever-Changing World

Sorry to be so behind on these posts! As it is midterm weeks, it has been quite busy and the pace of classes has picked up fast!

A few weeks ago, I went to Moreton Island, right off the coast of Brisbane. When I came to Australia almost seven years ago now (yikes!) with People to People, this was one of my favorite places I visited. I knew a good amount of people from my program were going to Moreton for Valentine’s Day weekend, so I decided to go again!


Sand Boarding Seven yard ago with my lovely stooges with People to People


Back to the same place to sand board in 2016!


Guess I’m still a fan of jumping pictures! PS Thanks to my study abroad provider TEAN for making all of this possible 🙂

Although it is a relatively small island, I swear 90% of what I saw was completely new. This time instead of staying at a resort, we camped alongside the beach, which I actually loved! In our short two days, we went snorkeling in the Tangalooma shipwrecks, hiked up Mt. Tempest, visited champagne pools, the Blue Lagoon, were driven around in 4WD, and went sand boarding. Even seven years later and different experiences, I even found two people who are best friends with people I had previously been to Moreton Island with in P2P! Doesn’t get much smaller of a world than that.


I tend to be someone who returns to places or activities that I enjoy, rather than branching out to try new ones (Betucci’s kid’s focaccia going 9 years strong). However, this journey back to Moreton reminded me that no experience can ever be the same as the last. I saw different places with new friends, new values and perspective on the world, and new sense for adventure. I am thankful I had the chance to go back to one of my favorite places and fall in love with a different part of it all over again.


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