Finding Neverland

One of my absolute favorite moments of my time abroad was lying down on the beach in Moreton Island with friends and watching the stars. I wish I could take a photo to capture the beauty to share with you all but it’s a moment you have to be there to believe. I have my fair share of hidden spots to go to watch the stars back home, and I thought I had already seen the sky as bright and active as possible, but nothing compares to the sights you see on Moreton. Amongst our group, people saw at least four shooting stars (I was lucky enough to see one!!!). We found all sorts of constellations and even galaxies, and could see the stars moving across the sky like clouds. It was absolutely breathtaking.

The stars have always held a special place in my heart as they signify important memories to me. I can always find my 7th star, shining a little brighter than the rest, and know exactly who is there watching over me. Moreton Island reminded me so much of my favorite place at home – Saquish Beach – with the sand, the waves, no stores, outdoor showers, and the need for 4WD to get anywhere. I know Sammy and the rest of my Saquish family would have loved it here, so it is no surprise to me that I found him watching over. To look up that night on the beach and see Sammy’s star even halfway across the world reminded me that no matter where you are in the world, you are always connected to the ones you love. You don’t need technology or ways to communicate necessarily, there are pieces of nature that can connect you in much more powerful ways.


The little Peter Pan lover in me also always goes searching for the second star to the right. Even though no one ever understands my logic, I know exactly where my Neverland is. When I was little, I had the biggest crush on the Peter Pan cartoon character; I planned our wedding, made anniversary cards for him, every imagination game you could think of. I kept a journal of our imaginary adventures together, and remember always having so much fun running around my room chasing away Captain Hook.

Now, against Neverland’s wishes of growing up, I’ve been given the opportunity to go out into the world and go on real adventures. Maybe they don’t involve chasing away pirates or finding burry treasure, but they bring just as much (if not more) excitement and challenge.


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