Where I’m Moving If Donald Trump Wins

I am not writing to discuss any of my political views, or to even to share my opinion of Trump. This past weekend, me and four of my friends traveled to Whitsunday Islands in North Queensland, Australia. I can easily say it was the most beautiful place I have ever been! So, I’ve decided the best way to make light of a poor situation if, dare I say, Trump is elected as president of the United States, I’ll be packing my bags and transitioning to island life. If you find yourself looking for some place to go come November, here are a few reasons why Whitsundays might just be the place for you.

1) There are 54 islands in Whitsundays to choose from and find the one that fits you. Given most of them are left untouched, you could spend a day traveling to see all of them. My personal favorite was Daydream Island, the smallest island in Whitsundays with a resort on it. We were able to walk the entire island in two hours, passing through beautiful beaches, the largest outdoor aquarium in the Southern Hemisphere, a rainforest walk, and a boardwalk. Along the way we made friends with many wild wallabies, most just relaxing on the beach. We even passed the chapel and saw three wallabies hanging out on the outside of the chapel near the front, we assumed to get married. We claim witness, it was beautiful.




Wild wallaby in the rainforest!

2) Since you only have to spend half a day in Daydream Island, you can spend the rest of the day at Hamilton Island. Hamilton has a large array of resorts, restaurants, a koala sanctuary which we unfortunately were unable to see, and beautiful scenic points over Whitsundays. Even with some rain in and out throughout the day, the views are still breathtaking.


3) The water. Just look at the pictures. And imagine it 10x prettier.


4) The Great Barrier Reef is right there! The Southern part of the Great Barrier Reef ends in Whitsundays, and it is gorgeous!! We spent the day out there snorkeling, taking a submerged underwater tour of the reef, and one of the best lunch buffets I imagine exist on a boat. While eating, we were greeted by a turtle popping his head up to say hi! Minus the birds that have no regret for pooping on you (to all of y’all who think my fear is irrational, even 3 hours out at sea they are evil), is an extraordinary experience.



5) Whitsundays is also home to the 8th most beautiful beach in the world, Whitehaven Beach.


6) Like legit, it’s flawless.

7) If a water pilot sees you and your friends taking constant photos in the water, he’ll offer for you to take a photo with the plane and pretend you are cool enough to fly in it even though it’s way out of your price range.


8) You get to see all different types of sand, from crushed up coral where you can find tons of sea glass to silica sand on Whitehaven.


Coral sand on Daydream Island


Using the silica sand to exfoliate skin

9)You can spend 10 hours one day sailing on a bright purple Camira across the Whitsundays and get complimentary morning tea, open bar, and chocolate cake, while trying not to burn all of your skin off.


10) Prawns are in endless supply anywhere you go to eat and they are delicious.

11) You lose service and wifi 95% of the time, so you get to focus on your beautiful surroundings and great company you are with. If you’re busy looking down at your phone, as we all have been caught doing at least a time or two, you wouldn’t spy this:


So if this list and photos still haven’t convinced you that Whitsundays is perfect, maybe you should go visit yourself and see if that changes your mind. Thanks to STA Travel and Cruise Whitsundays and my amazing friends for the most perfect long weekend 💙


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