The Lowes Go Down Under

The last few weeks have been filled with writing lots of papers, day trips around Gold Coast and Brisbane, attending a Gold Coast Titan’s Rugby game, planning final trips for the semester, and practicing for our first cheer performance at a Bond rugby game! And most importantly, the arrival of my family for a visit down under!!

Being a part of the cheer team at Bond has been very challenging and although only being a small commitment of having practice once a week it has been a large part of my study aboard experience. It is something way outside of my comfort zone every week and something I never thought I would be capable of doing in my lifetime. 

This weekend we performed our routine at the Bond rugby team’s opening season game. I was incredibly nervous but both performances went great and turned out to be so much fun!! Quickly into the routine the fear of messing up went away and I actually enjoyed my time dancing (who knew?)


It also was pretty comforting to look up into the crowd and see my parents and brother there smiling back at me. They arrived in Australia at 7 am the morning of my game by coincidence of planning after not seeing them for over two months! I got to spend a little time with them that morning but seeing them in the crowd was still so surreal and incredible to be connected with them again and show them first hand one of the challenges I’ve taken on abroad.


On the second day of their visit we took a tour to Mount Tamborine, one of the main attractions in Gold Coast. We started the for with a skywalk in the rainforest, which was breathtaking even in the rain!


Next we spent the afternoon exploring the town in Tamborine, doing a beer and wine tasting and visiting a few shops along the way.

The next few weeks hold a lot of new adventures for my family and I and I can’t wait to explore my favorite place with them!!


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