Family Aussie Experience

As the countdown to the end of the sem begins, finishing up final assignments and making the most of my final days on Gold Coast, finding time to write a blog post has been difficult. However, after an amazing two weeks with my family visiting they deserve a shout out 🙂


All in all I think my family got the most of the Aussie experience you can get in two weeks!! We traveled to Fraser Island, held a koala, fed kangaroos, took a surf lesson, ate lots of Tim Tams, and visited Sydney. Not too shabby!!

Fraser Island

It was so much fun showing my family around some of my favorite places along the Gold Coast and Sydney as well as discovering new experiences with them.

After 2 and a half months I did not realize how much could change. My brother has decided on a college and making the most of his senior year of high school, my mom has become a work out superstar, and my dads in some of the best shape I’ve ever seen him (and has some even better jokes now). My family and I have never taken an adventurous trip like this before and after thriving on adventure for the last three months it was incredible to see them share those experiences with me, all of us stepping out of our comfort zones at one point or another.


Mom and Zach taking their surf lesson!


Curumbin Wildlife Sanctuary



Three Sisters in the Blue Mountains

The next few weeks coming up are going to fly by. This week is my last week of classes, then I leave for 10 days traveling across Tasmania, Melbourne, and Coffs Harbour to see my lovely P2P home stay family!! After that I have finals week and then it’s time to start heading home, with a stop in Fiji along the way. I can’t believe how quickly these four months have gone, so here’s to making the best of the 25 days I have left!!


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