Study Week pt 2: Melbourne

Early Tuesday morning we said goodbye to Tasmania and drove to the Launceston airport and headed out on our next adventure to Melbourne. We had a few hours to check into our apartment and grab some of Melbourne’s famous coffee before getting lost in the city trying to find our pick up for our Great Ocean Road Tour.


The Great Ocean Road is one of the best coastal drives in the world, spanning 270km. Our tour guide was great, teaching us about the history of building the road as well as about the coastal towns, and even some interesting facts about koala “mating” that I’ve tried to block out due to its grotesqueness.


Along the road we got to see wild koalas and see the 12 Apostles at sunset, which was breathtaking!

On our second day in Melbourne, we packed in everything we could by walking down Hosier Lane, a famous graffiti artist alley, traveling out of the city to St Kilda’s and Brighton Beach, some shopping and watching some street performances.

I was also lucky enough to catch dinner with my host-sister from seven years ago that recently moved to Melbourne! It was incredible being able to catch up with her before heading to Coffs Harbour to visit the rest of the Budden family (see next post).


Overall, this week long travel excursion was an eye opening experience. We booked all of our accommodations and tours on our own, and overall everything went smoothly, which was a great sense of accomplishment.


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